How to find your style

I got this message from one of my students, Harmony, on finding your style.​

Looking back on finding my own style. I had so many fears and self-doubts! It wasn’t easy but it’s a journey of my growth. I would love to share my story with you.​

​I used to follow the trends and successful photographers. My clients loved my work. My average in-person sale was around $1800.​.

But I started losing my passion for the photos I created. It’s not that I wasn’t passionate about baby photography anymore. I didn’t have the sparkle and or the feelings in my heart when I looked at my work.​

I knew I was just following other people’s styles. ​

I feared to be different.​

I often questioned myself; what are my own style, my own success, and the way I want to go? I felt lost and confused! But I know I needed to change!​

I listened to my inner voice, and I asked myself​
”Why do I love creating photos?”​
”What inspires me and touches my heart?”​
”How do I see the beauty in people’s life?”​

I looked back at the photographs I created before I compared myself with the others. Before I was scared to be different; before I feared being judged by others; before I worried that I am not good enough to serve…​

I look at those photographs inspired by the people I photographed. I can still see and feel their love, joy, and emotions! I’ve captured that from my heart!​

It is simple and real! It is powerful! And that is ME!​

So I changed my style overnight. I wanted to create art and run a business that is truly aligned with my heart, passion, and purpose.​

Was I scared to change? Absolutely!​
I was so scared! ​

What if my clients don’t love my work anymore?​
What if I lose my clients?​
What if they think my photos are too simple and not trendy?​
What if they see me differently than the world-famous photographers?​

Creating my own style allows me to stand out, be recognized, attract my ideal clients and make my heart sing!​

My students now travel from far and wide to my little island to learn from me, and go on to create their own style and grow their businesses.​

There are many inspirational and amazing photographers out there, creating stunning photographs with props, colours, fabrics, pets, and flowers… If these are what inspire you and spark your creativity, that’s great – keep using them!​

@2020 Shan Fisher Photography

The point is not what style is better. The point is to focus on what inspires you and to create your own unique style that comes from your heart.​

Here is the lesson I learnt – You have to be true to yourself! Because you are unique in this world and no one can replace you!​

I can’t wait to see you bring your unique style to the world and shine! ​

Much love,

Shan x

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