Mistakes I Made – 1. Forget about education, just buy more presets! 😞

When I was starting out, I followed many photographers I admire. I purchased many presets they used and I hoped they would help me achieve stunning photos like them with ‘’one-click’’.

I’ve wasted a lot of money on presets and time in front of the computer to fix and edit my photos. Most of the time I ended up disappointed and frustrated.

Do you relate to this?

I soon realised there isn’t a shortcut to mastering my craft and becoming an amazing photographer like them. There isn’t an overnight success!

Those amazing photographers had years of learning, practising and dedication to master their craft and the presets they use are like icing on the cake.

So I invested in education for myself – learning, practising, growing, and developing excellence in my art.

I’d never achieved all my successes in these past 14 years without being consistent and excellent at what I do.

I strive to create the best quality photographs straight out of the camera with beautiful lighting, composition, shooting angles, and connections between my clients every time I click the button.

Presets are a great tool for me now. They do save me time in front of my computer editing and help me to achieve the look I like. But they only work when I create the best quality of photographs!

That means I can have more time to spend with my family, grow my business and achieve higher profit.

You can check out my favorite presets and companies from my website.

Consistency is so important for my long-term success. I would love to share one of my favorite quotes that always encourages me to keep learning and growing.

‘’You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you’’ – Maya Angelou

Remember everyone can buy the same presets but the skills learnt are then within you forever and it’s YOU that makes the difference.

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