Have you experienced low sale or no sale?

As an artist, we are so attached to our work. We create beautiful photos for our clients from my heart and soul. When they have not appreciated it’s heart-breaking 💔

However, we must know that not everyone is our client. I had £350 sale, I had £1000 sale, I had over £5000 sale, I also had no sale or old clients booking other photographers.

My work is inspired by the people I photograph! 🥰📷

When we have a low sale or no sale we are so easy to question ourselves but I want you to remember it’s NOT You.

There are many reasons behind that. You just need to keep doing what you love and offer the best photos and service to your clients.

You need to have the entrepreneurial mindset that When business is not going the way you wish – Think about how to improve it, instead of taking it too personal or doubting yourself.

I want you to remember – You are doing amazing 🥰📷!

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to drop me a message in the chatbox below. ​