THE TIMELESS NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY MASTERYmaster your craft to stand out, create your style for a profitable and sustainable newborn and family photography business.


You have a unique style which allows you to stand out from the crowded photography market, you can attract your ideal clients who value your work, and you have no more fear of competition. 

Your beautiful photography captures people’s precious moments, touching people’s hearts and lives. You are running a successful photography business and living the life you love by doing what you are passionate about everyday.





  • 1 You're following so many photographers, comparing yourself to others, but you wish you had your own style to stand out like them.
  • 2 You struggle to create the best quality photos consistently with beautiful lighting, composition, posing, shooting angles... and lack of WOW factor in your photographs
  • 3 You're working long hours in front of a computer editing photos. You're overwhelmed and frustrated by the lack of time to spend with your loved ones.
  • 4 You wish you had more confidence at photoshoots, had a stunning portfolio to attract your ideal clients that value your work and be more profible in your business.
Isabelle Pillion

''This program transformed my photography, my business & my life. I have the style I love after 12 years in my photography business!'- Isabelle Pilon from Quebec, Canada



YOU ARE NOT ALONEI have been there! 

I used to think that to have a successful photography business I needed a big fancy studio.

I believed I needed to invest large sums of money to start my business. I needed to follow the trend to stand out. I needed to follow other photographers' styles to get clients.

I built my successful photography business from the ground up while being a mother of 2 little boys over the past 15 years. I can tell you that...

You don't need to be perfect, you just need to be YOU & get started TODAY!  


The Timeless Newborn Photography MasteryTraining & Coaching Program

It's a comprehensive training and coaching program beyond the typical online courses, with me as your coach every step of the way to help you create YOUR timeless photography style and grow a thriving newborn photography business.


Hear how my timeless newborn mastery program can help you. Learn how you can also master your own style and the confidence to create consistently unique and beautiful photographs for your clients to treasure forever.

You will love the Timeless Newborn Mastery coaching program. Watch this video to discover why, and to find out how my personalised and interactive approach makes it so easy for you to master the timeless newborn photography style.

Who is this program for?

  • You have a passion for newborn photography and want to start your business with simple setups, a small budget and a profitable business model.  

  • You want to master the timeless newborn photography skills and create YOUR own standout style to achieve success in your photograph business.

  • You want to transition your current style to the timeless white photography style and rebrand your photography business. 

  • You want to add the timeless newborn photography to your current photography business for an extra stream of profit. 

  • You want to belong to a supportive community to uplift you and have an accountable coaching to fast-track your growth, achieve extraordinary results, save on years of expensive trial and error!


What makesthis program different for YOU?


    Accountability is key in this program. It's easy to buy just another online course, then fail to follow through on what you learn. We're different. My team and I are your accountability partners. We support you through every step of the program to make sure you achieve the results you desire.


    There will be 8 Live group coaching sessions each term to tailor your learning, review your work, answer your questions, and support your progress so you never get stuck. 


    Whether you're just thinking of starting a photography business or you're a few years in, self-doubt can be a barrier to achieving your goals. Feeling threatened by competition, anxious about the consequences of raising your prices or being afraid of failure, are all a part of an entrepreneur's journey to success. I will teach you the mindset and courage you need to value yourself and your work. 


    You will receive training scripts, posing guides and workbooks to maximise your learning and to give you visual inspiration to achieve result

    This program offers lifetime access to all training videos and coaching. Follow the growth of your photography and business you can rejoin the program each year for FREE. 

    You will receive one year support inside The Membership. The Membership is a toolbox of inspiration, encouragement and support to take your photography and business to the next level in all areas. 


    Need-to-know trade secrets! You will learn where to buy the exact tools and products you need to create a business and life that you love. This resource will save you huge amounts of time, stress and money. You will also receive student discounts from selected companies.


    You will become part of my supportive and exclusive Facebook group. Here, you'll have the opportunity to connect with me, my team and alumni from around the world everyday. Together we'll celebrate your success and help you with any questions you might have about your learning.

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''Coaching with Shan was the best decision I've ever made. I've used what I learnt to grow my business, to create my unique style and brand.' - Roberta Mareggini, Italy


Here's What You'll Learn

Module 1


In this module you will learn how to master lighting, and more importantly, how to apply different lighting styles and shooting angles to add the WOW factors to your photography and create the style you love.

@2020 Shan Fisher Photography
Module 2


Whether you are planning to start a new studio or want to improve your current one, I will help you create a versatile yet simplified professional studio.  The best part about this module is learning you don’t need to spend a lot of money! 

Module 3


In this module I guide you step by step through Lightroom editing and Photoshop retouching. I share the presets and actions I use to help you create your signature style and save you precious time.

@2020 Shan Fisher Photography
Module 4


The natural newborn photography approach is all about capturing the uniqueness of the baby and the precious moments of the people you photograph. In this module, I will help you to find your vision to create the timeless and storytelling photos in your style.

Module 5


In this module, I will help you to master the artistic wrapping style techniques - The Swaddle Wrap and the Egg Wrap.You will also learn how to transition from the Swaddle Wrap to the Egg Wrap without disturbing the baby, and go on to use your creativities to create your wrapping style.

@2020 Shan Fisher Photography
Module 6


This is the final part of the newborn session workflow and I always step out of my comfort zone to try, learn and create something new. In the module, I will share new styles, new ideas, and new approaches to help you to be better and better every day. 

@2020 Shan Fisher Photography
Bonus Module 1


In this module, you will learn how to capture moments that hold emotions, memories, and feelings for your clients to cherish forever.

I teach you how to use a maternity session to develop a great relationship with your customer and to introduce them to your excellent service and beautiful products.

@2020 Shan Fisher Photography
Bonus Module 2


In this module, I show you a simple studio setup and the things I use for baby photoshoots.

This includes the angles and poses I use to bring out the best in every baby, capturing their most natural moments. You can use the same technique on a baby's 1st birthday session and family photoshoots to capture the milestones of the baby and family.

Bonus Module 3


Every month I will feature an entire photoshoot behind the scenes video. You can watch me create the timeless and storytelling photographs from start to finish. 

You will learn how to maximize a simple setup with lighting, different shooting angles, posing, newborn wrapping styles, communicate with your clients, capturing the connections, editing, business & marketing tips...

To help you to create stunning photos that take your photography to the next level! 


3 Month Group Coaching 

Benefit from my 15 years of experience as I support you to implement everything you have learned into YOUR photography & business. 

I’m here to hold you accountable and maintain your momentum, ensuring you achieve the results and success in every step.

How it works

Gain the knowledge

Study the 7 core modules training.

Get Personalised Support

Join the 3 month group coaching.

Expand the Knowledge

 Follow the Membership support.  

Apply the KNowledge

See the growth and success of your business as you apply all that you learn

Investment in educationis investment in your future

''I would never have been able to achieve my success without this program and the support from Shan!'' -  Alison Hensley Photography, USA



  • 1 Create your stand out style that you love and attract more ideal clients who value your work.
  • 2 Have strong photography skills in every aspect. And confidence in yourself, your photography and business.
  • 3 Master the timeless photography style that will never go 'out of style' and have a profitable and sustainable photography business.
  • 4 Fulfil your dream of becoming a successful photographer, do what you love, have more freedom for your loved ones and a thriving photography business.


Looking back on my 15-year photography journey, I can tell you the magic is already within YOU. You have your unique gift and your unique vision for seeing the beauty of people’s lives.

That’s why I created this program to give you the proven roadmap and step by step guide  to discover your unique talent to create YOUR art that will touch many people's hearts and lives.

GROW and never stop LEARNING. Do what you LOVE and most importantly BELIEVE in YOURSELF!



‘'The decision to invest in my photography education was life-changing. It’s a relationship, you invest in us… You want to form that relationship with us – it’s a different level of interest and care...’'

- Alison Hensley, USA

’' Photographing newborns has been a mission for my life! It is people’s stories that are powerful. I learnt that anything is possible’'

- Isabelle Pilon from Quebec, Canada

''I'm now markets myself with confidence. Without the program and the support of its incredible international team, there is ‘no way’ I could have achieved such success''

Karin Stockli from Switzerland near Zurich

THIS PROGRAM INCLUDES EVERYTHINGyou need to create YOUR style that you are proud of.



I'M  SHAN, YOUR NEW get-a-grip friend. 

I am a photographer, motivational speaker and international educator. Mother of 2 little boys. Running 2 awarded excellence companies. Living the life of my dream. Doing what I love every day and making an impact in people’s lives with my photography and education.

But it wasn't always this way...  

After years of lugging all of my gear to and from client homes, I started working out of my home in the corner of my bedroom with one chair in 2013, after having my first son.

I used to think running a successful photography business required a fancy studio, filled with trendy props, backdrops, studio clothing and equipment.

spent so much money and focused on those things to keep up with trends and to keep my work fresh. My studio was filled with shelves full of props and equipment, and it never seemed enough!

But I was INSPIRED by the PEOPLE I photograph & I saw beauty in SIMPLICITY.



FOLLOWED MY HEART  to create the timeless white & emotional storytelling style I truly love! 

My clients can feel the passion I have for my photography, and they fall in love with what I create because my photography is all about them!

Creating the style I truly love allows me to stand out from the crowded photography market and become the most sought after photographer. My clients keep coming back for more photos, and recommending me to their friends and family.

Photographers travel from far and wide to my little island to learn from me, and go on to create their own style and grow their businesses.

If you want this to be the year that you FINALLY commit to: 

  • Invest in yourself, your business and your future.

  • Having a mentor who keeps you accountable, saves you expensive trial and error, and helps you fast-track your success.

  • Taking your photography to the next level, to create your own unique style with your talent.

  • Having a beautiful portfolio that you’re proud of.

  • Gaining confidence in your photography so you can charge what you are worth.

  • Running a successful business by doing what you love everyday and having the freedom and time to spend with your loved ones.


''Watch Casey’s video to see how my timeless newborn mastery program taught her to take risks. Find out how you too can be inspired to offer your clients a unique photography experience unlike anything they’ve ever had before.''

- Casey Rumley, Canada

''Watch this inspirational video to see how Isabelle used my program to help her focus her photography business on newborns. Listen to how you can also learn to value what you have to offer, and how my program teaches you to do so much more in less time.''

- Isabelle Pilon, Canada

''After taking the timeless newborn mastery program, Nicole’s photography business went from a dream to a reality. Learn why she believes education is key, and how my program teaches you everything you need to know to successfully become your own boss.''

Nicole Bainlardi, USA

A Year from now, you will have wished you startedSo lets get started

Once you sign up you will have the program for life! That means you have lifetime access to the 8 core training modules so you can go back to learn again as many times as you like. You can also join us for the Live coaching every year for FREE. 

If you can't take part in the coaching during your first year, or you have questions about your business growth after the program ends, lifetime access will help you move ahead with confidence.

We use the currency of British Pound (GBP £)

module 1 whats inside


Classic Plan

£275 monthly x6
  • Group Coaching
  • 8 Core Modules Training
  • Bonus Training
  • Aprrox. USD$1667 / USD$ 311 x 6

Premium plan

£375 monthly x6
  • 1 Year Membership Support
  • 8 Core Modules Training
  • Group Coaching
  • Bonus Training
  • Approx. USD$1997 / USD$424 x 6

Bespoke Plan

£575 monthly x6
  • 3 Online 1:1 Mentoring Sessions
  • 1 Year Membership Support
  • Group Coaching
  • 8 Core Modules Training
  • Bonus Training
  • Approx. USD$3387 / USD$ 650 x 6



Still have questions?I completely understand.

Every financial investment in your business is an important decision.



''I had my first timeless white style shoot after Shan's training. I love it! My client spent 450 for the session fee with $350 print credit, $1750 on photos and total sale $2200 today! I have never made this much on a newborn so I’m over the moon!''

- Olivia Marie Smith, USA

Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 21.12.07

''I booked my first newborn shoot with a $800 package. My mentoring sessions with Shan always exceed my expectations, she is generous with her time and knowledge and inspires me to push myself, and my photography business, harder and go further.''

- Beth Moore, UK


''Coaching with Shan was the best decision I've ever made. I use what I learnt to grow my business, to create my style and my brand that stand out. I'm now running a profitable photography business and studio in Switzerland. My turnover increases every year even during the Pandemic.'

- Roberta Mareggini, Italy