for the Creative Entrepreneur

Do want to make the difference in your life for your family, for your children or for yourself?

  • Do you want to own your business and to have freedom you deserve for your family or for yourself?

  • Are you ready to start your new adventure to make the life that you dream of?

  • Do you want to move from working hard for other people, to working hard for yourself and to achieve your goals?

  • Are you ready to step up into an entrepreneur role with your talent?

  • Do you dream big, but oftentimes, you do not believe that you can attain those dreams?

  • Are you full of ideas but not sure what to focus on to run your business?

  • Are you a determined and hardworking person but not sure how to start your business?

  • Do you have fears or self doubt they you from seeing your potential and from achieving excellence?

  • Do you need some support for your growing business and to make sure you don’t lose sight of the bigger picture?

  • Do you know what you want for your life but you have no idea how the journey will go?


I know how scary it can be to follow your dreams and go for it.  I've moved from Hong Kong to the UK on my own while I was only 20, graduated from the University of London in marketing management, worked as a marketing executive, owned my own home when I was 22, built my successful photography business from zero, travelled to many countries and had two babies in the middle of all of this!

I know that the dream you have for your extraordinary life is possible if you have a clear direction, get support and then take action!

There is something quite reassuring about knowing that there is someone who has your back, who is brimming with wisdom, insight, and perspective. It doesn't matter if you are planning to start out or are already running your business.

With my hands-on knowledge, I know what it takes to set up a business for success. And to assist you in growing your business.

I am here to help you devise plans of action to help you

transform your dreams into reality!



how to Do the following:

  • Clarify your mindset, vision and purpose to amplify your life and business to achieve prosperity
  • Define your business model that suits your personality and lifestyle to achieve lasting happiness and success
  • Set your goal and create a road map to achieve your success.
  • Set up efficient business systems and workflows to get more done in less time
  • Build your brand tat you absolutely love and represents your vision to the world
  • Optimize your customer experience to grow your business and build strong relationships with your customers.
  • Value yourself, pricing yourself and your business to thrive
  • Create marketing strategies that reach more ideal customers.
  • Automate your social media and create targeted ads that reach the right customers
  • Prioritise self-care and manage life and work balance.

I will also give you tough love in your best interests and tell you straight up if you’re going about something in the wrong way. My goal is not only to encourage you but to help you define and achieve your dreams, enhance your skills, and avoid costly mistakes.

What makes this program different?

  • Over 70 Training Videos


  • Live Group Coaching twice a week


  • A comprehensive program Training and Business coaching


  • Workbook Downloadable Materials


  • Vendors Discounts


  • A support Community


Who is this program for?

  • You need to invest lots of money on trending props and studio clothing?

  • You need to have a studio to start your business?

  • You need to have large spaces to store your equipment and props?

  • You need to purchase studio lighting equipment and learn how to use them first?

  • You need to master photoshop skills to create beautiful photos?

  • You are not confident with newborn babies?

  • You feel a newborn photoshoot could be long and stressful?

  • You don’t know how to price yourself and your business?

  • You don’t how to reach more clients to make your business profitable?

  • You don’t know what packages and products you should offer?

  • You don’t know how to sell or upsell to make your business thrive?


My newborn photography journey started in 2008. After years of lugging all my photography gear to and from clients' homes, I started working from the corner of my bedroom in 2013 when I had my first son.

I believe my clients come to me because they trust me to create beautiful photos and memorable experiences for them.

My dream was to have a beautiful studio space filled with natural lighting, where I would be able to welcome my clients and make them feel at home, ready to relax and enjoy their photoshoots.

Today I am so grateful to be living my dream and be doing something that I am passionate about every single day, running my successful photography business and enjoying family time with my two little boys and husband.


Read real stories and reviews from photographers and entrepreneurs just like you and see the results they've been able to create after taking Shan Fisher Education programs?

You don't have to be perfect. You just have to get started.

Below are student reviews to inspire you to dream big!

are you Ready?

Transform Your Business in 4 months

Bespoke Coaching

to grow your business

4 month Private Coaching (online or in person)

  • Start Up Meeting

    2 hour intensive Zoom or in person meeting to create the road map of your goal to success

  • Bespoke coaching modules and calendar

    Bespoke coaching modules to meet your specific business goal. I will create the coaching calendar that suits your business plan and lifestyle.

  • Coaching Worksheets

    You will do the homework and go through the worksheet to prepare for each coaching session.

  • 16 Coaching Sessions

    Coaching session to focus on your coaching modules (1 hour per week )

  • Support

    Email and private FB group support during coaching period

  • Final Wrapping-Up Session

    2 hours wrap up session to create final Action Plan and Strategies for your long term goal.

Let me help you to develop the business skills that will help you succeed not only in this current business but in whatever venture you take on in the future! Ready to take the next leap With Your Business?


Pay In Full

£1550   once off  
  • 2 Hour strategy plan
  • Online or In Person
  • Bespoke 6 hours coaching
  • BOUNS: Extra 1 hour coaching session (value £200)

Payment Plan

£850 2 x monthly payments
  • 2 Hour strategy plan
  • Online or In Person
  • Bespoke 6 hours coaching

Collection 2 4 Month Coaching

Pay In Full

£3950 once off
  • Build Your Dream Business Online Group Program (Value £1550, when it’s ready)
  • BOUNS: Extra 1.hour coaching session (value £200)

Payment Plan

£1050 4 x monthly payments
  • Build Your Dream Business Online Group Program (Value £1550, when it’s ready)

Collection 3 4 Month Coaching Plus Personal Branding Photoshoot

Pay In Full

£5500 once off
  • Build Your Dream Business Online Group Program (Value £1550, when it’s ready)
  • Personal Branding Photoshoot 1.5 hours photoshoot IOM
  • BOUNS: 1 x Extra 1 hour coaching session (value £200)

Payment Plan

£1425 4 x monthly payments
  • Build Your Dream Business Online Group Program (Value £1550, when it’s ready)
  • Personal Branding Photoshoot 1.5 hours photoshoot IOM

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