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Students' Reviews & Success Stories

Everyone's journey is unique. Here, I share with you stories of my students and how their lives and businesses have moved forward after working with me. If you implement what I teach you and put in the hard work necessary, like these amazing photographers did, you can be another success story in this gallery!




Students' Success Stories


It took me a while to decide to enroll for a workshop with Shan. Eventually, I enrolled for a one on one workshop. All the way from Belgium I traveled to the Isle of Man.

Best decision ever !! Shan is a wonderful, honest and enthusiastic person with a lot of knowledge. She knows how to create a complete experience: from making people pose, catching the most beautiful light up to editing in her own beautiful style.

She created a high-end brand with Shan Fisher photography. I must say that I went back home with tons of energy but most of all with a lot of inspiration. I was keen on creating something of my own with the knowledge Shan shared with me.

Thank you so much, Shan, for your friendship, your kindness and your honesty…I hope one day we can meet again and maybe I can assist you in one of your workshops.

Els Poecks

PIX by ELS photography


I've self-taught photography over the last 2 years, Numerous you-tube videos, online researching, name it!.... I am certainly not a "sit down in a classroom" type and learn.

I've come on leaps and bounds since I started in my adventure, but, I felt it was time to connect with another photographer, get some unanswered questions sorted, stop questioning my abilities, (am I even using my camera in the right settings, am I doing what's right!?)

I stumbled across Shan Fisher, Admired her work from the second I saw it, I have been trying to achieve a similar style and approach since I started out.

I watched more video's, Booked in more shoots, Felt I was doing okay, but there is definitely room for improvement. My sessions weren't smooth, Struggled for idea's, routines, connecting with clients, undercharging 😳 etc. Started to lose confidence in myself and my work.

Shan's 1:1 online workshop has fixed that. I feel far more confident in myself, and my work. Fresh ideas, plans and confidence in my work. I felt defeated every time I lost a like on Facebook... Shan has made me realise that this is okay! if they don't like your work, they're not the right client for me.

I'm heading for bigger and better things and I can’t recommend Shan enough for her ongoing support. I feel I not only have a new business mentor but a new friend across the land. I'll be forever thankful!

Karly Bunt


For my training I always feel to follow my heart because if I had followed the mind perhaps I would never have reached the Isle of Man, so far away, difficult to reach, never a choice was better than this. Finally yesterday I was able to watch all the pictures of the wonderful mentoring.

On this small and distant island, I have met Shan Fisher, an extraordinary photographer with an immense heart that excites me every time I look at her photos.

She is able to grasp the purest essence of people and everything I have learned in two intense days of work I will treasure for my work, for people who rely on me the most precious memories, for me as growth professional and interior, because every person we meet leaves something on ourselves and thus enriches us inside.

Roberta Mareggini

Roberta Mareggini Photography

Students' Reviews


I have been in this group for a while and I finally decided it was time to do mentoring with Shan and I’m so glad I did.

I just got into my new studio and my white corner all set up and I love it. I finally got to the point where I was ready for a change in my newborn photography.

Mentoring with Shan helped me see what a simple shoot I can have and love every minute of and know what I’m going in to capture.

Follow what the baby is doing and capturing true emotion and connection. And the editing LR and PS she does and tips helped me so much!

Olivia Marie Smith

Belle Marie Photography


I have completed Shan’s 3 educational workshops (DLSR Beginner, Beginner Creative as well as the Newborn & Business Mastery) and the online 3-day post-production course in the last 2 years.

I have learned an invaluable amount of things from her! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend all these courses and now have her as a business mentor.

She is such a positive influence, brings so much energy and passion wherever she goes and is always available for advice and guidance!

Amoré du Plessis

Amoré du Plessis Photography


Shan’s love of babies and photography is infectious and she is so much fun as an instructor.

Her bright, bubbly personality makes you feel that anything is possible and it is all backed up with a great knowledge of her craft which she generously shares with her students.

She not only shows you everything you need to know about photographing and creating timeless images of babies in a fast, relaxing manner (for the photographer, the baby and the parents), but also how she manages her business from the beginning to the final product.

In fact, she makes the process seem so easy, you’ll wonder why you even tried to do newborns sessions in any other way!

Clare Fisher

Clare Fisher Photography